Music at St Giles

organSt Giles Desborough has a pipe organ and a digital piano, a small choir and a small band comprising vocals, guitars, woodwind and keyboard.  Between them they lead singing at the various services.  We welcome any who have musical skills to join us.

The Music Team has been meeting to look at the future of music in our church.  We now want to identify anyone with musical skills, vocal and instrumental, traditional and/or modern. 

Do you play a musical instrument of any kind – keyboard, brass, wind, stringed or percussion?  We’d like to hear from you and help you develop your skills for use in our worship and outreach.

If you play the piano we’d like to introduce you to the organ.  If you’re interested in learning the basics of organ playing, we’d like to hear from you.  If enough people are interested, we’ll provide the theory and practice in group sessions, otherwise as individuals.

Have a word with Martin Bolter, Katie Nelson or Sam Steele or contact Martin on 01536 761825 or 07714211225.


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